Why are people so rude about mental issues?

I know a few people with mental issues. This I know is a touchy subject. My heart melts every time they tell me they love me, or that I am pretty. I love the complements that they give out, though they normally don’t receive any back. They have big hearts and, all they know is love, they don’t have any hate. So I don’t understand why people are so rude to them. I often find my self asking this question a few times a day. Why do people be rude to those who can’t help the way that they were made? I would fight for those who can’t, and normally they would be bad. Me, being a girl, I was to be a good girl but that is not who I am when it comes down to people that did no harm to anyone. I still fight for them. I fight boys and girls, I doesn’t matter, because they have rights, too. I thought that people can’t be that cold hearted. Right? No. They have to show hate to those who know not of, but only love. People don’t do it as much any more as they did a while ago. With this I conclude with my usual. Contact me if you need to at ElainieBabe02@gmail.com, if you have a problem with people tell them to contact me, just leave your first and last name and I will get back to you. Please vote, comment, reread, whatever you do. Have fun. Love y’all!


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